One Damn Winter

You will regret wasting your love on me
Cast in the silhouette of my greatest agony;

I didn’t mean to hurt you
It wasn’t part of the plan
But I can’t take feeling a thing
You better find someone who can

You’ll go mad chasing me down,
trading blows with my pride
I swear it isn’t you,
I think I’m dead inside

Milky Way

I remember thinking,
“It’s funny because it’s true”
Still shrinking
Looks to God and falls through
Whatever I must’ve been thinking,
I was chasing the Milky Way away
I could make constellations
out of the dimples and moles on my map of the world
Mere decorations
on the spirit kindred to mine
I remember thinking,
“What the hell am I thinking?”

September Something

Emerald glowing amethyst blues
Lost in the mountains, chartreuse
I never thought I’d be the one you’d want
But back then, I was just a child
Bastard minx cosmic dust spreading wild
Slave to triviality, little confidant

I’ve written limericks since you’ve gone,
On the nothingness I dwell upon
And in the distance between ourselves,
I’ve only grown more tired and gaunt

Disaster Relief

Come here, little bird
You’ve been chatting up a storm
You’re so dramatic when you sing
You like to perform
For me, for her,
For your enemies
Hey, Jean-Claude,
you’re a fraud
Your charisma is a disease

We aren’t alike in this, believe me;
I can’t even lie!
Can’t get away with a damn thing…
It’s written on my face,
Can’t fake it if I try
I’m so poor at dishonesty
that you’ll ask me to ease up a little,
simply appease you

I never learned how to dance
Which hasn’t served me well,
since I’m a monkey and all —
Stuck chewing cud
With the rest of the herd
But I’m spiting up blood
Hung for one word
So how is it I would fall endlessly
for every single bird?

We aren’t alike in this, believe me.

I Can’t Sleep

Little thing dances provocatively enough for me to notice
Some type of thought broth I’ve been sipping on
It feels like I’m stifled by a bad omen
Every part of me says, “You’d better not,”
You all wagged your god damn fingers
My efforts are shot

I feel like I’m really inhibited these days
I don’t even want to love you if it means ever being accessible
But I’ve fallen for you now
I can’t hold it together anymore
I can’t sleep
I can’t keep watching ennui kidnap a woman
I just want to find out who the hell I am
My efforts are shot


Inspects melancholy
I’m sad inside but where I haven’t discovered
I fell asleep to sweet Somali
But woke again where a different story hovered


Lacerated lives,
Freshly, they were carved
Hanging, mass produced
Thinking has been starved

Was it
the more I tried to fit in that I realized
An opal hidden treasure
Humanity was meant to be improvised

The empty journal was
No matter more to blame
It was empty because
I’m empty just the same